“Fireworks Magazine Issue63-UK called ‘Calm’.The band arockers BEATS WORKING are back with a cracking new albumre: John Hardman - vocals, guitar, keyboards, Lynn Sheppard - vocals, bass guitar Chris Glover - drums & percussion, Simon Prickett - guitar, vocals I caught up with John to find out more.Beats Working are a 4 piece guitar orientated rock band from the UK started in 1986 by John Hardman, ex of EMI band Sunfighter in the late 70s, and Chris Glover, their drummer, ex of rock bands Last Straw & Paris. Their initial album release (on vinyl) ‘Life On A Wire’ in 1986 was followed by a further 7 albums and their last official band release was the EP ‘No More Tomorrows’. John subsequently released a re-mastered set of songs that were in the pipeline after their ‘Calm’ album called ‘Look Ups’ and their unfinished album ‘Perspection’ is still ongoing! The band are now set for a new 2014 launch with a brand new album called ‘Unfinished Business’ www.beatswor” - Nicky Baldrian, Fireworks magazine (Apr 17, 2014” - Nicky Baldrian

— Fireworks Magazine

Beats Working - Calm - album review

“Classic Rock Magazine review of the album 'Calm' "It’s not often Britain produces a truly classy, mainstream rock band. But Beats Working definitely fall into this category. A combination of Dire Straits, Pink Floyd and Bad Company with added touches of Barclay James Harvest this foursome make it all sound so relaxed and easy, as they groove their way through 12 stylishly melodic songs that ooze maturity, yet avoid sounding contrived. One of the most impressive British rock albums in ages, ’Calm’ is classic rock in all senses of the term." MALCOLM DOME, Classic Rock Magazine” - Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock” - Malcolm Dome

— Classic Rock Magazine

John Hardman Band

Rock,hard rock & blues

Festival Live


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Beats Working live:

John Hardman - vocals, lead guitar/keyboards

Lynn Sheppard - bass & vocals

Simon Prickett - guitar & vocals

Chris Glover - drums & percussion

Press Photos

Beats Working - Need To Cry live vsn

John Hardman - Beats Working - Need To Cry (live vsn)

John Hardman- You Raise Your Hands

John Hardman - SIngle

John - festival

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